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COVID-19 Protocols & Precautions

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

At Sauble Falls B&B, not only is this our business, this is our home! We have always prided ourselves on our cleanliness and attention to detail. Guest experience, health and safety have and always will be our priority. With COVID-19, we are taking extra steps to keep us, our Guests and our community safe.

Specifically, we have ramped up our already rigorous cleaning routine to include use of a Health Canada-approved cleaning/disinfectant hydrogen peroxide solution throughout the property. Prior to entering the B&B, we have provided alcohol-based hand sanitizer for use and require that Guests use it prior to entry. Inside, we will also have hand sanitizer available in the Guest area. In our Guest rooms, we have reduced the number of contact points and have removed some “knick-knacks”, the alarm clocks (most people use their phones), and most decorative and spare linens. Of course, extra blankets, pillows, hair dryers, iron, etc. will all still be available, but Guests will need to request them. In addition, hard to wash items (example: books, games, etc.) that have been used will be sanitized in direct sunlight between Guests. (Guests will see a designated area to leave these “touched” items in the Guest area downstairs).

Breakfast is no longer served "family style". We now serve each party separately in order to socially distance!

Also, we have closed off the shared downstairs bathroom as Guests can use the one in their rooms. To reduce our contact, we kindly request Guests to take ALL their recycling and empty beer/cider cans/bottles, wine/liquor bottles with them when they leave.

And last, Doug & I will be wearing face masks and/or clear face shields. We both have been vaccinated and received booster shots. Guests are required to provide proof of vaccination when making reservation. On site, all Guests are asked to bring their own masks and/or shields and to wear them when others are in the room.

Together... we can beat this!

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